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In the camera industry there are many type s of them that one can use. Since the advent of technology, there has been much improvement s made of them. However not all people know the different types of camera. In this article, you will learn about the different types of them.

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- The first one is the single use camera. It is the basic and simplest camera in the market. It contains a color film encased in a cardboard box. It has single shutter speed and a lens that are fixed in focus. They are out in different features like built in flash and some of them are water resistant. The camera has to be taken in whole once you have decided to have your film processed into photos. This type of camera is recycled and it cost about $15. However it should not be used in serious photography. They are very convenient to bring on vacations especially when you have forgotten to bring one.

- There is also the compact lens shutter camera. It can come in three kinds like the single or dual focal, or zoom length. Some of them have a fixed focus. It means that it focus on a fixe point that can produce sharp images which starts at 5 feet away and up/ others come with infrared auto focus.

- Another type is bridge camera. They can bridge the gap between a point and a shoot. It is the more complicated or serious model. It has different types of lenses and many has a built in red eye reduction.

- There is also one that is known to be the range finder camera. It is a compact and lightweight camera that is often utilized in serious photography. It offers interchangeable lenses. It also lets the photographer manage the shutter speed, exposure, focusing and lens aperture. However the focal length may be limited. It is also very expensive.

- Another type of camera is the twin lens reflex. It is a medium format one that uses a larger type of film (35mm+). It has two lenses that have same focal length. The lower of the lenses focuses mainly on the film while the image produced in the top lens is reflected at 90 degrees.

- Lastly is the single lens reflex camera. It is appropriate for both creating and viewing the photo. It is a high end camera that offers full control of focus and exposure. It can also accept interchangeable lenses, motor drives, additional flashes and more.

These are the different kinds of cameras for you to choose from. Depending n your purpose and budget, you can select the best one for you. Enjoy taking photos! Save precious moments!