Video Camera Tripods

As internet video gets more and more popular there is an increased desire to make a better quality video, especially if you are going to use it to promote your business or yourself or just want to take better looking video. One accessory that is a must-have tool in your video arsenal is a tripod. Nothing distracts the viewer more than a shaky video, causing the viewer to lack focus or interest or make your video look sub-par. So if you are going to take the time to make a video, why not make a better video with a tripod?

I just bought a Joby Gorillapod mini tripod because it was in the "suggested accessories" section when I purchased my Kodak Zi8 online. It intrigued me because of its small size and grippy, wrappable legs and I like any gadget that can do more than its traditional function. It is small and light enough to tote around and fit on almost any surface.

The Gorillapod has been an instant hit for me for various reasons. I can take video on the fly by clipping on my Kodak Zi8 to the Gorillapod and film myself without a camera person to help. Of course, any mini-tripod can do this on a flat surface, but the Gorillapod goes a step further. I am able to bend the Gorillpod's rotatable legs around street poles, tree branches, bench backs and uneven surfaces to get shots unobtainable with traditional tripods. This 360 degree bendable functionality lets me attach my video camera to any object it can grab and elevate my video camera to any desired height, high or low.

It has a handy quick-release clip so I can slip the video camera off the tripod in a flash and not bother with unscrewing it every time I want to release it. Now stowing is easy.

I took my Kodak Zi8 and Gorillapod out on a shoot in a town garden that had bronze sculptures and was able to capture aerial and eye level video by attaching my video camera to a fence post, tree limb and stone garden wall. The final video came out perfectly steady and level and I would not have been able to obtain that caliber of video before without having a camera person to come along and help me.

The little rubberized round feet grab surfaces well and discourage slippage. I placed the Gorillapod onto many stone and brick walls that were uneven with no problem. You just have to look through your view screen of your video camera to make sure you have the shot set up the way you want before hitting the record button. Leg adjustments are easy and quick.

Of course, this original sized Gorillapod, which can take any video camera that weighs up to 11.5 ounces, can also be used for digital cameras as well. No more asking passersby to take your picture for you. Just set your camera on "auto" and snap away!

After being jazzed by my new acquisition, I went on the Joby website and found that they have tripods for SLR cameras, with ball heads, magnetic legs and tripods for video cameras with tripod heads that pan and tilt. They even have Gorillamobile for mobile devices such as iPod Touch and the iPhone and Gorillatorch hands-free flashlights. I love innovation.

All in all, it is a very affordable accessory to improve any video. It can take your final video production from average to "wow".