Photography is a special skilled activity that can bring a lot of joy, thrills and satisfaction to the photographer; whether a novice or a professional. However, the right tools are essential to ensure the full package adventure for any photography session. A camera is incomplete without its necessary accessories such as camera tripod, filter, additional lens, bag or case.


Choosing a good camera tripod can be as daunting as choosing a camera. There are many great brands in the market that deserve the photographer’s attention and consideration for a purchase. However, one can determine the choice through various factors. Branding is one important factor of purchase as there are many great camera brands available today. However, it is the proven track record of these brands that draw purchasers in making a choice.

Most photographers would purchase a camera tripod along with their choice brand of camera as it is more convenient and functional. There is no worry about compatibility and performance as the same brands would ensure a 100% compatibility of their equipment for top quality performance. There is also the warranty that comes with the same brand camera equipment when purchased in tandem.

Top class brands of cameras are well-designed with revolutionary accessories such as a  Camera Bags  that fits the creative lifestyle of the photographer.


There are many kinds of camera tripod that are currently available in the market for any brand of camera or video camcorder.

The camera accessory arena is highly revolutionized today with the wide selection of camera tripods, filters, lenses, storage or memory cards and the like.

There are flexible and multi-purpose tripods for different functions to give the photographer the best of choices for a great shot. A camera tripod is indeed a necessary tool to complement the camera or videocam today. The light weight and compactness of a camera tripod make it an excellent choice to be included in any photographer’s kit or package. Most camera tripods weigh about 1 kg which makes it easy to carry any camera tripod around a photography shoot.

It is easy to purchase the preferred camera tripod with the corresponding camera or video camcorder in the market today with the continuous evolution and revolution of electronics and technology. A camera tripod can be purchased from any authorized camera or electronics dealer in the market. It costs very cheap especially when it is on offer or in a package deal with the purchase of a camera.