Note: The Camera,Smartphone and ball head are Not included. Description: The aluminum alloy camera track slider rail helps you with smooth movements and professional feeling in video making and photography. We upgrade the product with U-shaped...

$42.99 as at 04:20 UTC. (Details)

DESIGN Your reassuring touch can signal comfort, security and love to your baby, allowing them to calm and sleep peacefully. Based on the medically proven benefits of touch, the Zen Sack includes a lightly weighted area on the chest which gives...

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Kit Includes: 1) Deluxe Video Stabilizing Bracket for Camcorders, DSLR Cameras and Point and Shoot Cameras  2) ButterflyPhoto Micro Fiber Cleaning Cloth 3) Vidpro XM-L Professional Lavalier (lapel) Omni-directional Condenser Microphone - 20'...

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The Glidecam DEVIN GRAHAM Signature Series, professional, hand-held camera stabilizer is the most rugged, and sophisticated, state-of-the-art Hand-held Camera Stabilizer ever produced and released by Glidecam. The DEVIN GRAHAM Signature Series...

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NOTE: Camera not includedDescriptionNeewer Aluminum Alloy DSLR Movie Video Making Rig Set System Kit,Guaranteed for Continuous Horizontal Filming For All DSLR Video Cameras and DV CamcordersShoulder Mount: Help alleviate the pressure on your...

$69.99 as at 09:03 UTC. (Details)

Features: Bracket: 1. 2 standard shoe mounts, you can get LED video light and microphone attachments with your smartphone. 2. 3 universal 1/4"-20 mount thread, you can mount this rig with any tripod, slider or dolly 3. Adjustable, so to fit most...

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Description: This versatile dolly gives the filmmaker the smooth, controlled shots you would expect from a full sized dolly。This allows filmmakers to shoot footage at various angles, all the way up to full 360 degree turns. Camera can be...

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Capturing action shots and fluid on-screen camera moves has never been easier than it is with our Galaxy HD-3000 stabilization system. HD-3000 VIDEO STABILIZER: Our HD-3000 Professional camera Stabilizer is precisely constructed aluminium...

$465.00 as at 06:28 UTC. (Details)

The Movo CTS300-II Circular Video Slider Track System enables professional-quality motion control for a range of supported cameras, camcorders, and DSLRs. Track effortlessly and smoothly to inject a new sense of motion, emotion and artistry into...

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The UC204 axle insert mounted bearing is made of steel, has a 3/4" inside diameter, an inner ring width of 31mm, a 47mm outside diameter, an outer ring width of 16mm, and UC204 steel bearings for efficient operations at a wide range of speeds. The...

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This shoulder pad is perfect for DV fans who can use it to avoid hand shaking or vibration while taping. It's also a MUST HAVE item for travel or outdoor's photography while using camcorders. It's suitable for all camcorders (home video camcorders...

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The Professional Steady Video Stabilizer is designed for use with camcorders, DSLRs, HD DSLRs, etc. It provides excellent stability and reduces camera vibration during video recording, assuring high-quality, clear videos. Its aluminum alloy...

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