Features: Fresnel Light is ideal for use where compact, lightweight tungsten Fresnel spotlights are required, especially in small studios where grid height is a problem. Constructed with corrosion-resistant, extruded, die cast aluminium,...

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24mm D-Series Wideangle lens for Nikon cameras Compact wide-angle lens constructionSuperb optical design for architecture, wedding, and landscape photography84-degree (61-degree with Nikon DX format) picture coverage with edge-to-edge...

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The super fisheye lens with professional high-speed autofocus offers superb 0.16x wide-angle still and video images in high definition. Its extraordinary 180°+ perspective provides dramatic landscape and portrait results. Its multi-coated and...

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The Canon EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS STM telephoto zoom lens is a dream come true for photographers and videographers looking to add versatility and range to their lens collection. Compact and lightweight with Optical Image Stabilizer for up to 3.5...

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Color and contrast enhancement Light rays which are reflected by any surface can become polarized so polarizing filters are used to select which light rays enter your camera lens. CIRCULAR PL filters allow you to remove unwanted reflections from...

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Four Awesome Lenses - Get the Most Out of Your iPhone Photography Please note: The macro and wide angle lenses are screwed together. Screw into the case and use together for wide angle effect. Unscrew wide angle lens for macro effect. ...

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The Fotodiox Flash Diffuser Dome is a fast, easy way to produce the same effects of larger diffusers and lights. Designed to securely fit over the front of the flash head, this spherical diffuser creates a larger, more even light source than other...

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Filters can help produce better photos. However, the quality differences between filters are huge. If you have a great lens, you do not want to risk image quality loss due to inferior filters. Rodenstock guarantees the best possible filter...

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A secluded beach. A trip to the zoo. The kids trying out new snowboards. Active lifestyles generate great photo ops - and there"s no better camera for capturing these special moments than the new TG-850. It"s super-rugged and waterproof, yet...

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This lens hood attachment is a device used on the end of a lens to block the sun or other light source in order to prevent glare and lens flare. The ideal accessory for the serious photographer. Block sun or other light sourcePrevent glare or...

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True to its high-end G Lens heritage, the SELP18105G lens features two ED glass elements and three aspherical elements for high resolution and contrast throughout the entire zoom range. High performance E-mount lens with excellent...

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The LHN-HN23 Dedicated Lens Hood for Select Nikon Lenses from Vello is designed specifically to fit the Nikon 85mm f/1.8 AF, 85mm f/1.8 D AF and 80-200mm f/4 AI-S lenses. Please click here for a complete compatibility list, and to see a list of...

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