Outdoor aluminum camera housing and mount features a front-hinged lid, glass window lens, lockable clasp to secure the lid, baked enamel finish, moisture resistant cable gland, and an adjustable mounting bracket. Weatherproof aluminum camera...

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Monoprice precision optic camera lenses for CCTV cameras allow crystal clear images to be recorded by your security cameras. This 1/3" CS-mount lens is a great simple solution to use with any of our brick style cameras. IR corrected lenses employ...

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Although, we all require foolproof security and surveillance of our premises, but then there is no denying of the fact that some places do require utmost levels of security and vigil. A jewelry shop is one such a place where a single mistake in security matters can create a great loss. Therefore, a jeweler must always ensure that his jewelry store has strong security system. With the advent of the digital technology, the cctv cameras have become the most effective medium to ensure infallible security and surveillance. There are chances of committing human errors by a security person, but nothing can escape the close watch of a cctv camera.

It being an electronic machine, can capture every motion and activity, and therefore, can assist the security guards in doing their job perfectly. Nowadays, the jewelry store owners can procure the security cameras that have an in-built alarm facility. Installing a camera at the entrance door can provide you the full view of the person entering your store. This display on the monitor helps the security personnel to become alert and take notice any sorts of suspicious instances. The cctv cameras have great significance, as by being alert, you can resist robbery at the very initiative stage.

Proper video surveillance system can help you to from incurring big losses. If case of a loot or robbery, the footage provided by these devices can help the police authorities in catching the criminals and recovering the valuables from them. This footage also helps the store owners to review the loopholes in their surveillance systems, and fill-up all those gaps, in time. This assists them in avoiding the reoccurrence of such incidents in future. The footage provided by the cctv cameras will also help the jewelry store owner in getting the insurance claims. The visual evidence provided by these gadgets are largely trusted and approved by most of the law enforcement authorities and insurance agencies.

Treating all the customers with dignity and respect is the only way to assure a good business relationship with them. Under the monitoring of the cctv cameras, the customer will not feel any kind of disrespect or discomfort on the name of security and surveillance. The installation of the cctv cameras will also enhance the competence of the security members, by bringing to notice all the movements, within and outside the shop. These devices also make it possible for the manager to monitor all the locations at all times. The manager can install a display unit in front of his chair and keep an eye on the customers as well as the members of the staff. All this makes the jewelry shop a secured place to deal with costly jewels and ornaments.

These gadgets also assist the mangers in maintaining proper stocks of the jewelry shop and the workshop area. A jewelry store owner must get the proper version of a cctv camera by acquiring complete knowledge about the gadget. One must also take care to install these cctv cameras appropriately so that the entire area inside the shop and workshop can be supervised well. It is also advisable to understand the use and maintenance of these security cameras in detail, to get best services from the gadgets for years.

Owing to the increasing rates of theft, the need for increased security has come up. A majority of accidents and robberies happen at the workplace facility just because of a lack of business security and proper surveillance. It is evident that any business facility can not afford to place security guards at every corner of the premises. However, to ensure utmost security, using security cameras is the best option.


Security cameras are considered extremely important to keep a watch on what is actually happening in the workplace setting. These advanced gadgets not only protect business owners from a theft by outside robbers, but also from employees. They can alert the security team of the facility in case there is a data theft by an employee. Moreover, they decrease the need for additional security to be provided by security personnel in the facility.

Employers consider this a one-time investment with many benefits. A good point about these is that, they not only provide a live visual on a TV screen, but also record the visual to a computer hard drive for future reference. This can prove useful in case of determining who the real suspect for the malpractice is.

Best Security Cameras

Lorex CCD Security Camera - SG7221B-4PK

Features and Specifications

11 infrared LED illuminators

1/4'' CCD image sensor

Weather resistant

3.6 mm lens with 420 TV lines

Auto switch to B&W at night from color video for day

Price: $280

Sharx Security Network Camera - SCNC3605

Features and Specifications


Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g and motion detection

30 fps MPEG4 (640 x 480) with microphone

Built in Digital Video Recorder (DVR)

Price: $470

Planet Security Outdoor Security Camera - INV212VF

Features and Specifications

Vari-Focal wide-angle 2.8 mm lens to 11 mm lens

True day and night with ICR mechanism

External zoom and focus adjustment

180 feet night vision distance

Price: $365

SVAT Outdoor Security Camera - CV31B

Features and Specifications

24 Infrared LEDs for illumination

CDS sensor for night vision activation

Images of 420 horizontal lines

Infrared, night vision, and weatherproof

Price: $75

Logitech Outdoor Add-On Security Camera

Features and Specifications

VGA or QVGA color video

400 MHz on-board processor

Digital motion detection

Secure video transmission

Price: $160

Lorex 2-Camera Outdoor Security System - LW1012

Features and Specifications

Wi-Fi color cameras

Listen-in audio

Weather resistant

Enhanced Wireless Technology

Price: $140

Cisco Wireless Internet Security Video Camera - WVC210

Features and Specifications

1 Lux at F2.0 for low lighting conditions

Simultaneous MPEG-4 and MJPEG encoding

Real Time Streaming Protocol for video and audio

Motion detection with event notifications

Price: $220

DSC Outdoor Infrared Color Bullet Camera - DIRB420

Features and Specifications

420 TV lines

1/3" Sony Color CCD sensor

26 Unit IR LED

Weatherproof aluminum housing

Price: $80

EZ Bullet Outdoor Bullet with 40' Night Vision

Features and Specifications

420 line color resolution in day and black & white resolution at night

Weather protection

3.6 mm lens

40' night vision

Price: $100

Sun Security Outdoor Bullet Security Camera - SUN-LIR30HF

Features and Specifications

420 lines of resolution

80' night vision and audio

30 high output LEDs

1/4" sharp CCD

Price: $65

For those planning to fit video surveillance camera systems in offices, you can refer to reviews in order to choose the most suitable surveillance cameras. When it comes to wireless security cameras for business with audio, the Sharx SCNC3605 is the most sought after option. Remember that the more complicated the video security system you choose, more will be the cost of the overall setup. The prices mentioned are approximate figures; for getting the current prices, it is suggested to visit the manufacturer's website.

No matter what your situation may be, home or business, the answer to the question of security is never difficult. A video surveillance security camera is the perfect solution for your home or business security needs.

In this day and age of uncertainty it is no small wonder that security camera systems have been a booming industry. Security cameras, though not the least expensive of options, is probably the most sound in your decision as a business or homeowner. The dependability and prevalence of video surveillance security cameras has increased dramatically in the past decade. Numerous home and business owners have integrated video surveillance cameras into their security systems to ensure safety, crack down on regulations, and catch criminals in the act.

Security camera systems with CCTV have increased in use over the past ten years, and have become a popular and useful method to monitor cities, private buildings and homes. "A picture is worth a thousand words." Video surveillance security cameras that will spy into any number of nooks and crannies of your business or home, offer unbridled protection in the form of visual proof; proof that without a security camera system would have never been attainable prior to its installation. Although there are a myriad of systems that one can choose from, it all comes down to 2 broad categories:

Mounted Video Surveillance Security Camera

This type of security camera system is the most popular type by far. They have been around for years and used by businesses like convenience stores, hotels and many different types of retail stores. These mounted security cameras is an effective crime prevention tool that makes people think twice when they realize they are being watched by the camera.

Micro Video Surveillance Security Camera

A micro video security camera is a tiny camera that is nearly invisible to detect from a distance. The strategic placement of such covert video surveillance security cameras aid in the detection and prosecution of vandalism, theft, child abuse, elder neglect, stalking, and harassment. Some of the more common places to use covert video surveillance are: Homes, Casinos, Police Stations, Nursing Homes, Construction Sites, Prisons, Hospitals and Retail Stores.

Benefits Of Video Surveillance Security Camera System

Your business is important to you. The advance within the security surveillance system technology has led to CCTV surveillance systems becoming one of the most valuable and successful tools in the fight against loss prevention, management and even safety and security. A great benefit of security surveillance systems is that the business, home or city can be monitored from many miles away, this will mean that business owners, home owners and city police and security officials can enjoy the peace of mind option of 24 hour monitoring.

Before starting to compare surveillance systems or evaluating potential vendors, consider what you want to monitor with your CCTV surveillance system. Once you decide what you want to see, choosing components will become easier. Be sure you have the answers to the following questions before you spend any money for a video surveillance system

When talking about Security, the most eminet issue subject is to locate the threat and to neutralize the enemy, no matter if it is an asset, a man or someone private propriety.

The security camera is the best guard a regular man can purchase for a reasonable price, and it is the basic protection line versus a common foe.

In our era there is profusion of security cameras on the market. As an outcome the customer doesnt have to purchase an inferior camera quality, therefore he can obtain the best proposal that the market has to offer.

In our era there are many sort of cameras: cameras that protect settlement by using video scan technology that can notice thieves and others borders penetrations, ranches, mansions and etc.

Hidden cameras also can be found today in the common market, most of their use is for small business enabling the administrator to supervision over the business and its production, income and output even when the manger is sick and absent or superving from home.

Also there are cameras that operate in a close circle. those special cameras enable the selected client to establish anywhere he want to a small surveillance post that enable him to have a full control over once possession.

Today, we gain access to new products and better technology, thus enable the customer to hire new sort of cameras:

-Security cameras that can attach to any wall and has camouflage ability, cameras that are mobile and immobile, also has the ability to zoom in and out from the desirable target.

The most popular types of cameras on the market today:

Dome camera- that kind of security camera will fit any house or business.

IR camera- this camera has an improve night vision scan technology.

IP camera-a new camera that gives the client the ability to watch from his home upon his business, by that making him the sole manger.

When checking and buying security cameras it is important not to be rash and to buy the first camera that you see.

Most people who intend to buy a security camera have no inital knowledge about them; therefore they will probably buy an inferior camera.

This is why very important to ask a professional about the quality of the camera, about the difference of the price and the lifespan of the product.


IR camera- there is day and night vision both improves camera.

IP camera- Mostly that kind of camera used to watch kindergarten, school classes and mostly used as a shepherd camera mode (making sure that the sheep wont go astray)

CCTV Cameras or the Closed Circuit Television Cameras are the wonder tools to prevent crime and an important aid in fighting against the crime. Almost all the shopping malls, banks, government organizations and big private organizations use CCTV security cameras.

Security Camera

With the advancement in the technology, CCTVs are now with in the reach of the common man and as such, people are increasingly using this service to protect their homes and offices. The primary advantage offered by the CCTV Security Cameras is that it will keep a watchful eye round the clock, 365 days a year.

CCTV security cameras come with various features and price tags. The traditional ones used analog systems, came with a recording device. If a set up needs more cameras, then they were linked through a multiplexer. One can switch between the cameras to view images.

The more advanced version cameras are networked together and use the IP technology. One can view the images from any location on the network. The recorded images are stored digitally. However, this could be a little costly for home owners.

Tips for buying CCTV Security Cameras

1. What is your purpose for buying the camera? Do you need to see just the faces of persons, or the entire crowd or people as well as goods?

2. What's your budget for installing the camera? Wireless installations are much cheaper

3. Where do you want to install the camera-Interior or Exterior? Do you need more than one camera?

4. If the camera is to be used in the low light settings, go for a black and white camera. Colored cameras should be used when the lighting conditions are fairly good.

5. The image sensors in the camera are responsible for the image clarity and sharpness in the picture. CMOS are less expensive, but CCS cameras generate sharper images, but are comparatively costlier.

6. If you need to use the camera in the low light settings, check 'LUX' of the camera. Low 'LUX' number would mean that you will get a clear image in low light settings.

7. For sharp images, buy a high resolution camera

8. How do you want to store the images? The cheapest and the best option is the Digital Video Recorder, which stores the images on to the hard disk

9. When you buy a CCTV camera system, ensure that the monitor you choose is compatible with the CCTV resolution so as to get better images.

With these tips, you will be able to buy the best CCTV systems that fit your needs and budget.

If you have just bought a 16 channel digital video recorder, I congratulate you on the decision. Using DVR and specifically a 16 channel DVR is a great way to keep an eye on your business. It's a very powerful piece of surveillance equipment, one that you can use to ensure the safety of you and your employees. Now let's go about setting up the DVR! I should stress though that the installation of a DVR may vary based on the DVR. However, this is a rough guide as to how to install the 16 channel digital video recorder. Also, before we begin, make sure that the system is turned off.

When installing the digital video recorder, you should first install the security cameras. Look around and determine the best locations for these cameras. For a business, common areas would include the front and back door. Cash registers, cooking areas, dining areas, and even a parking lot or a drive through are also other locations in a business that should be covered by a security camera. Crime can potentially happen anywhere, so it's important to install security cameras in some of the most obvious places.

Once you install the security cameras, you need to connect the cameras back to the main digital video recorder which will ideally be located in a back room. Most DVR should have an area of plugs on the back of the digital video recorders. This is where the cameras will plug into. You may find that the camera slots are numbered, which will make it that much easier in plugging in the cameras.

Convenience is a reason to buy a 16 channel digital video recorder online. There are many DVR you can find on the internet allowing you to save money on the 16 channel DVR you are interested in. This way, you can be sure that you are going to end up spending money on a quality digital video recorders.

After plugging the cameras in, the next step will be to connect your DVR to your network. The most common form of a network connection is Ethernet, so you will likely be using an Ethernet connection for your DVR. If you have a router, you will plug your DVR straight into the router. Connecting your DVR to your network will give you the ability to monitor the cameras at a remote location.

Finally, plug your DVR into a power outlet. This will give your system power, and you will be able to turn on your DVR and begin using it to secure your business. Should your system fail to turn on, you can begin troubleshooting the installation process. Determine that all of the plugs are secure. Also, take a close look at the DVR to ensure that everything is plugged into the proper outlet. The installation is fairly easy, but a common mistake is to plug a camera into the wrong outlet. So if you have any trouble, that is a good place to start. Good luck!

Wireless security cameras are a good option to secure your workplace and make it safe. All you have to do is visit the nearest local electronic shop and ask for them, and get them installed at your work place. This will allow you to monitor all the activities at work place sitting in your cabin or from any corner of the world through internet.

Wireless Security Cameras

Security cameras have always been used by many people, but wireless cameras have more advantages compared to the old wired cameras. The first advantage is that it is free of any wires and hence is very portable and easy to use. It is also available in various cost-effective prices, so that you can buy one that fits in your budget. They are available in different shapes and sizes. You must use a small and discreet camera at the work place, instead of a big one. A small hidden camera helps you conduct the covert surveillance so that you can catch the actual movements of people. In the presence of a hulking camera, people are bound to alter their behavior and movements. Apart from this, wireless cameras have more advanced features compared to wired ones. The lenses used in the camera are so powerful that you can get the view of a sizable space. They are either available in black and white, or color.

The function of wireless security cameras is very simple to understand. They are powered by a battery. They directly transmit the images to the receiving device, instead of recording them internally. The distance between the camera and the receiving device has to be adequate as per the selected model. The receiving device can be a close circuit TV, VCR, or computer, from where you can monitor everything. The signal is sent to a specific IP address through a LAN adapter or existing wireless connection. Then you have to just enter the IP address on the browser, to observe the area under surveillance. They are endowed with various applications such as zooming, tilting, and panning.


You can mount the wireless camera in any area that you need to monitor or want to have an eye on, when you are not present there. Apart from the work places, you can have them in a house, warehouses, stair areas, storing areas, prohibited areas, and all the places that may require surveillance. It has many advantages at the workplace.

Monitoring the Employees

It can help you ensure safety of the workplace. You can monitor the behavior and conduct of your employees. This helps in increasing the productivity of the staff and it also helps in maintaining discipline and decorum in the office.

Monitoring Customers

You can keep an eye on the nasty customers who may cause damage to the goods or the shop. It will help you control vandalism, shoplifting, and thefts, in the store or a shop. Similarly, you can also have the cameras on properties that need to be secured.

Observing Goods Transportation

During goods transporting, it is crucial to check if they are in the proper condition. You can put up wireless security cameras, that would make your job of observation easy.

Wireless security cameras are sure to help you in securing your business and work place, from probable threats.

When you're thinking of protecting the home, outdoor surveillance cameras are a fantastic option. There are lots of benefits to installing an outdoor surveillance camera to your house and the best thing is they can be hugely affordable.

What Is An Outdoor Surveillance Camera?

You will discover in your search that there are a variety of outdoor surveillance cameras on the market. Some arent even genuine. They're just created to look real however they don't actually function. Then there are wire less surveillance cameras which do not need to be connected. This really is great for anybody who is worried about wires leading through the home.

The security cameras that do function send the image to a television screen. Additionally you can normally program them to send the image to a personal computer monitor if you would prefer. The images are recorded allowing it to be used as proof if needed.

The Main Advantages Of Outdoor Surveillance Cameras

Before you opt for a video surveillance system, it is advisable to first consider your security needs. The initial question that you should ask yourself is whether you live in an area which is popular for crime. If so then it will definitely make sense to invest in an outdoor surveillance camera system.

It may even be worth looking into the artificial cameras. For the reason that they can look genuine, they do often dissuade most thieves. They are clearly visible so that will stop an intruder from wanting to approach the house. The imitation cameras are the most affordable and perfect for people with limited funds.

Should you be concerned that a imitation camera may not prevent an intruder from entering your home then you may want to look at a more high tech product. You can buy supervised cordless security camera systems. You will need to pay a fee every month but then you'll receive continuous assistance around the clock. In the event that an intruder does break into the your house then the law enforcement officials will be on the scene within minutes.

Most video security cameras will record in monochrome. However you can purchase ones which record color too. These will provide you with a lot sharper results. Perhaps you have realized there are different types of outdoor surveillance cameras to consider. It is very important understand as much as you are able to about each one of these before choosing a system for the house. Looking at online review articles is usually the simplest way to learn exactly what you will need.

The Reason Why On-Line Reviews Will Be Effective

Online video surveillance camera reviews can tell you everything that you will need. From the functions to the downsides and exactly how easy the systems are to setup. By comparing the various cameras available it will be easier to make a more sensible choice.

Perhaps you should have a look at the Outdoor Surveillance Cameras website and look the various reviews available? They are going to give you a good idea of which security camera systems are better than others. Why waste your money when you really dont really need to?

Reviews are free to read plus they ensure that you get information on both good and bad aspects of a specific security camera.