Introduction to the Nikon D50 Digital SLR

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The Nikon D50 takes great shots right out of the box, but understanding the controls and features of the camera can really unleash its potential. This video explains how the camera's controls are designed to work together to capture the best image under all conditions. Each subject is contained in a separate chapter, so you can proceed at your own pace, and later come back to an individual topic.

Topics Include:
• Simplifying the camera controls
• Digital Vari-Programs
• Autofocus brackets and modes
• Exposure modes
• Shutter priority setting
• Aperture priority / Depth of field
• Metering / Bracketing
• Exposure compensation
• ISO – film speed vs. electronic gain
• Understanding histograms
• Custom Settings menu
White balance / Color temperature
• RAW (NEF) files
• Software tools: Picture Project

and Photoshop Elements
• Composition
• Printing your favorite photos
• And much more!

Cut weeks or months off your learning curve. This DVD not only gets you up and running with confidence, it does it in about ninety minutes! Take better pictures than you ever dreamed possible. You'll come back to this video again and again. This DVD is REGION FREE. The DVD is in NTSC format. It includes several examples looking "through the viewfinder". You see how the controls work and how to use the displays to make choices about your final image.Introduction to the Nikon D50