Billingham f1.4 Shoulder Bag Black FibreNyte – Khaki / Chocolate (50593454)

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Billingham has a reputation throughout the world as the best bag makers. When you buy a Billingham bag it's for life.
The new f/stop range embodies that unique combination of tradition and innovation - the hallmark of a Billingham camera bag.
The latest addition to the range has been designed for those occasions when you want to travel light - but without compromise.
The f/stop bags provide you with the level of protection, style and craftsmanship you'd expect from a Billingham, but in compact form that allows you to adapt them - inside and out,
to suit your specific needs. These surprisingly spacious bags are ideally suited for modern digital or film equipment - from compacts to SLR's - even with their lenses attached.

* Adjustable shoulder strap (Attached)

* Two sets of 'D' holes located under the main stud fasteners for threading the optional tripod straps

* Wrap-around interior side padding

* Reinforced foam base - 25mm

* Removable, padded internal dividers with wide, adjustable, touch fastener bands running thru the bag

* Large front Dump Pocket under the flap

* Width Dump Pocket inside the bag for accessories

* Side zippered pocket

* Optional external Pockets that attach securely to the sides of the bag via the solid leather straps, which also serve as the mounting points for the shoulder sling

* Internal Dimensions (cm) H18 x W32 x D11

* External Dimensions (cm) H25 x W35 x D17

  • Professional Shoulder Bag for all SLR Digital Cameras with Accessories
  • Designed for light traveling
  • Adjustable shoulder strap (Attached)
  • Internal Dimensions (cm) H18 x W32 x D11
  • External Dimensions (cm) H25 x W35 x D17