Clean your lenses, fine optics, LCD displays, and even your eyeglasses with the Lens Care Kit from optics manufacturer, Zeiss. Compact enough to store in almost any camera bag, the kit comes with a 2 ounce lens cleaning spray bottle and a...

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For cleaning sensor of digital SLR or mirrorless cameras APS-C format or approximately 1.6 x / 16 mm sensor size. These sensor cleaning swabs, with their unique fabric folding system, are specially tailored for cleaning your delicate sensor...

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VSGO DDR12 provides professional cleaning result for Foveon X3, 4/3, and M4/3 sensor of digital cameras, such as Olympus OM-D E-M1, Olympus PEN E-PL6, Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7 and Panasonic Lumix DMC-GM1. It contains 12 x 12mm sensor cleaning swabs...

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This superfine microfiber material is specialized for optical lens cleaning. The wedge-shaped section will easily wipe away dust, stains, fingerprints, and dirt. Our specially crafted cloth is anti-static to repel dust during the cleaning process....

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MK studio Highly Recommendation: ① It is generally used by a few manufacturers in their service centers or for the individual use. ② When the gel gets dirty enough, you pull out a piece of sticky paper, remove the dirt and keep going....

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Super Soft and Durable Microfiber Cleaning Cloths by SINLANDIt is a very thin fabric that is made of a combination of polyester and polyamides. It is used for very sensitive services like eyeglasses and telescopes. The soft surface of the...

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HDF Sensor Brush. An extra replacement head for the Arctic Butterfly - 724. This new accessory has twice the amount of fibers then the original Arctic Butterfly. Recommended for heavy duty cleaning. Excellent for cleaning in constantly dusty...

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Air Dust Blower and Soft Brush Dust Cleaner 2 in 1 Dust Blower Cleaner with brush is construction blower bulb, that produces optimum blowing effect through its double valve system. Great for cleaning digital camera and camcorder lenses, filters,...

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PRO KIT - Sensor Swab Cleans Digital Image Chips for 1.6x & 1.5X Sensors -The new Digital Survival Kit Professional. It's all you need to keep your sensors and optics clean while on the road. The kit comes in a nylon pouch which as a belt loop on...

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Super Soft and Durable Microfiber Cleaning Cloths by ECO-FUSED® Our microfiber cleaning cloths are ideal for safely cleaning any delicate surfaces. The high quality material is super soft and will not leave and scratches or marks. The cloths...

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Specifications1)Color: Black,Grey,Royal Blue,Golden Yellow,Green,Orange2)Material: microfiber fabric,80%polyester+20%polyamide3)Style: Logo Printed by silk or embossed4)Size: 6×7inches5)Package including: 6 pieces,Packed with papercard.Soft...

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Hoppe's No. 9 cleaning kit with aluminum rod is a pistol kit intended for .38/.357 caliber and 9mm pistols. Includes one 2 oz. bottle cleaning solvent and one 2-1/4 oz. lubricating oil. Brush for the intended caliber is included with this...

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