Get In Close – Telephoto Lenses For Your Camera

Telephoto lenses let us capture some of the most amazing subject matters in stunning detail - displaying visual beauty that we may otherwise have missed. Use your lens to get up close to a distant landscape, find a bird resting in the treetop canopy or put yourself right in the middle of the action. By mastering the unique effects that these types of lenses provide, you'll be able to create some stunning compositions that let you get in amazingly close.

Telephoto lenses - not just for SLRs

Canon has just released a revolutionary new compact digital camera that features the world's first 35x Optical Zoom telephoto lens. The PowerShot SX30IS has the most powerful zoom lens available for photographers who want the portability of a compact machine and the power of a telephoto lens.

The 24 mm wide angle lens with 35 x zoom gives you a range of opportunities so you can broaden the types of images you take with your compact digital camera. The PowerShot also features an improved Optical Image Stabilizer to reduce the effects of blur caused by camera shake - which can be exaggerated when you zoom in close.

Some things to know about telephoto lenses

" Flattening - our eyes are designed to perceive depth of field, so we can detect relative distances between objects. However, with telephoto lenses, distances are flattened out so objects that are relatively far apart in reality will appear much closer together in the image. This means that you can expand on your compositions and include more within the frame.

" Framing - telephoto lenses give you the flexibility to frame your images creatively. Because they generally have a rather shallow depth of field, you can isolate your subject matter and blur out noisy and distracting backgrounds. This gives your image an incredible level of detail that you could otherwise miss with the naked eye.

" Broaden your options - telephoto lenses also give you more options and ways to experiment with your photography. Take macro shots and hard to reach close-ups or capture unique action shots when you pan with your telephoto lens. Meanwhile, telephoto lenses are an essential accessory for taking brilliant photographs of the stars. Do keep in mind that even the slightest movement will be exaggerated with your telephoto lens so a tripod is a good way to steady your shot.

In addition to the new PowerShot, Canon also offers a great range of telephoto SLR camera lenses across its range of products, visit their website to find out more.